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I will teach you how to connect to the people you meet in everyday life, bringing a feeling of belonging, community, and new opportunities into your life.

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Living in cities, we are surrounded by people but not humanity. We tend to perceive others as objects, either helping us or blocking our way.

By treating the people around us as humans, we can experience feelings of true connection, community, and belonging.

It only takes a little bit of work to bring new exciting opportunities, friendships and beautiful moments into your life with the people around you.

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Everything I learned from approaching over 200 people, distilled into actionable advice.

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Approaching people seems scary? In the workshop you'll gradually build up confidence, together with others in a small group.

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Invite adventure to your life with the ‘Talking to Strangers’

Talking to new people can feel daunting and scary. Too often we get stuck in our heads, overthinking and not acting.

This book teaches you how to get out of your head and meet new people in your everyday life.

No matter how uncomfortable you are currently at the thought of approaching people, this book has you covered with exercises for every confidence level.

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